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German Chocolate Cake

A rich, moist, delicious, dark, chocolate cake.  The cake is topped with a toasted caramel coconut pecan topping.

Honey Cake

A  delectable rich cake flavored with a wonderful array pf warm spices, orange juice, and honey.


A classic flavorful Southern banana  cake that has a hint of cinnamon filled with crushed pineapple, pecans. The cake can be topped with a cream cheese frosting, and toasted pecans.

Five Flavor 

A yummy, delectable sour cream that is infused with the following flavor extracts: vanilla, coconut, almond, lemon, rum.

Pineapple Coconut

A luscious buttery cake that has marvelous combination of  crushed pineapples and sheddred sweetned coconut. The cake has a pineapple drizzle that is added to the cake after baking.

Chocolate Almond

A delighly delicious, rich, dark, sour cream, chocolate cake. The cake batter has almonds and almond paste.  To enhance the chocolate flavor espresso coffee is added to the cake batter. The cake is topped with a chocolate ganache and toasted almonds.  

only available October-April 

Caramel Pecan 

A rich, brown sugar, buttermilk cake filled wth fresh Georgia pecans. The cake is topped with a rich caramel pecan glaze drizzled on the cake.

Kentucky Butter Cake

A moist, buttery, Southern vanilla, buttermilk, pound cake. The cake has a rich butter glaze that drizzled throughout the cake. 

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